Christmas Quilt Almost Completed!

Santa says “Hi!”


In July of 2011 I moved to a small farm, began a new job with crazy graveyard hours, and started this adorable Christmas quilt.  Flash forward to 2014 and the only thing that stayed the same is this quilt! We have since moved back into the house my husband built for me (The farm was an experiment… I found out I don’t really love taking care of all that property! My 2.5 acres is the perfect size for my family), I now have a different, more awesome job (at the same hospital and on the same floor, but in the DAYTIME!!) as an Open Heart Recovery RN, but this quilt is still not done. While I was waiting for  background fabric to be delivered for this quilt (its been 13 DAYS, Why does your service always make me regret ordering from you?????) I figured that I should try to work on it a bit. The pattern is from Nancy Halvorsen in her book Christmas Favorites. When I saw it, it was being offered as a BOM through a shop somewhere, but not available digitally. Since I couldn’t wait, I got out my freezer paper -all my appliqué is done by freezer paper- and started free hand drawing these cute Christmas characters. As a result, mine is not exactly like hers and I’m OK with that! I replaced some blocks that I didn’t love and added this sweet snowman!




I’ve been trying to find my inspiration photo on the web, but after three years it’s been kinda tough. I believe the original picture had a top hat. I still need to add his buttons and eyes, but I just love him to pieces. I FMQ’d his background with Leah Day’s Tangle of Lights, which was crazy easy to do. I love Leah Day! I also replaced the candy cane block. I definitely wanted one, but I just was not feeling the blocky one on the original quilt.


candy cane

I still have a 3-D holly leaf to add, and some button berries. The “Believe” Block turned out well, except I cut the point off of my Christmas tree :(. I’m going to put a button star on the top, and no one will even notice in the grand scheme of things…. my family is really not that critical, thank goodness! I still have some quilting to do here, and need to add cute buttons to decorate the tree.





I made the poinsettia block with 3D leaves and a yo-yo for the center. Santa has a 3D mustache that I need to tack down, and will have a cute pink puffy nose when I’m done. I changed the writing on Nancy’s pattern from “ho ho ho is spoken here” to what you see below.  I still have some detail FMQ to do with this one as well


. this one three


I cut the snowflakes out of coffee filters, then traced them onto fusible webbing. They are raw edge appliquéd to the quilt. Comet is still waiting for a nose and eyes, and his head needs some quilting.


snow: candy


These little cardinals need some eyes… I’m thinking some black seed beads. Anyone know where I can purchase just 2 seed beads, lol? I won’t need more than that, and I REALLY don’t need any more stuff in my sewing room!




I had a lot of fun free motion quilting each block a little differently, but then it just got a bit stressful because I couldn’t think of enough fillers I liked and/or could do. So we have some repeats! It’s not bothering me, though. I tried to keep the same designs decently separated .


this one 1


I got a little ahead of myself and have already bound this… but it’s ok! I have some free motion quilting to do, but not enough to distort the quilt. I still have to decide what to quilt in the side piano key borders, and  put on a hanging sleeve just in case that’s how I choose to display it this year. Thanks for stopping by to take a look! Lisa

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Quilt Almost Completed!

  1. what a fab quilt, and how cool that you made it up yourself! I’d offer to send you 2 seed beads, but the postage from here would be ridiculous – how about French knots instead?

    • French knots are a good idea, and that’s what I will probably end up with. International postage is a little pricey, huh? I wanted to send some scraps to a friend in NZ, and the first quote I got was $40. Crazy!

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