A pair of baby quilts.

These soft cuddly baby quilts were made a few months ago, and have gone to their new homes already. I realized I had never posted about them, so here they are!


They are simple patchwork using the blue and pink color ways of London by Dena Designs for Free Spirit Fabrics. This fabric has the most adorable lovebird print ever!

The quilts finished at 36×48, and were backed with white Minky. So soft and cuddly!


I had purchased a fat quarter bundle of this line, so I had enough to make a few more baby quilts. Then a sweet lady from Canada contacted me through my etsy Shop, desperately looking for these fabrics. It seems her little girl’s favorite quilt was made from this line, and the dog used it for nefarious purposes and tore big holes in it! So I sent her a nice little bundle so she could remake it, and now it’s all gone. I really dislike that beautiful fabric goes out of print…. Yes I’m pouting a little over here :).

So that’s all for these cute baby quilts… I hope they are loved for many years to come!



Paisley Splash Elephant Quilt

This is the newest commission quilt I’ve been working on. I love the way it turned out and really need to make one for myself!  You can see some of the design phase here. I just kept adding splash shapes until I felt it was balanced. 


The pattern is a free download from windham fabrics, but the final size of it is something like 22×33 so I had to get out some drawing paper and draw my own to the scale I needed. 


The fabrics I used were primarily High Street from Lily Ashby for Moda with some Tula Pink Moon Shine and some stash fabric as well. 


The background is a Kona solid, and the backing is a gorgeously soft cuddle fabric from JoAnn’s.


Yes, that’s my finger i front of the camera lens……. Oops! I quilted the elephant with a wood grain texture to simulate wrinkly elephant skin.


Then quilted the background in any type of swirl/feather/clamshell I could think of. 


My husband was gracious enough to hold it up for pictures in the back yard- he’s a good sport! Final size turned out to be 56×62. 


Thanks for stopping by to take a look❤️,


House quilt finished!

i just finished quilting really gorgeous top for a friend. I’m so excited and I hope she loves it! Pricing has been a struggle for me, but I think I’ve settled on 0.018 a square inch for pantographs,  starting at .02 and up per square inch for freehand edge to edge work, and starting at .033 for custom, including ruler work. Hopefully that pricing will allow me to quilt for others without feeling like I’m giving it away, but also give my customers a decent deal. 

On this quilt I did stitch in the ditch, pantos in the borders, freehand flowers, and custom ruler work on the houses. I love how it turned out!

I’m going to try to upload photos from my phone, they often turn out weird sized though, so I’m apologizing in advance, lol.



I really hope my friend likes it!

Thanks for coming by and taking a look 


My Long Arm Quilter Purchasing Adventure

So apparently when I post from my phone I get these CRAZY BIG pictures up loaded…. Sorry about that if it annoyed you to see it even half as much as it annoyed me to open…. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to work this blogging thing.


By the way… Zoe says hi. This is a throwback to her sweet innocent puppy-ness from about 8 months ago…

A few months ago my husband bought a quilting machine for me! Woo Hoo happy day!!! It’s a “Top of the Line 18 inch longarm quilting machine with a  Grace Majestic Frame”. After some research, I’ve figured out that it’s basically a Tin Lizzie 18 that the company I purchased it from modifies and sells from their site.  I picked it up for a fairly reasonable rate, andI really love it to pieces, but I have had a few issues that I wanted to document here in case anyone out there buys one and has the same problems.

it was delivered in two separate shipments, as the machine itself has to go to a warehouse for it’s “upgrade” (which appeared to consist of new nifty U-shaped foam handles and a set of controls so that you can run the machine from the front or the back).  The first parts that came was the frame and the carriage.  It took my husband and I most of the morning to put the frame together. The instructions were relatively easy to follow, and we put it together with minimal arguments and cursing! We did run into a problem attaching the brackets that support the ends, as the brackets were obviously added afterward as an improvement to the frame. The screws that came with them were not made for the extra width of metal and barely secured the brackets into the end pieces. A trip to the hardware store for some longer screws, and we were in business! This frame comes with  adjustable legs so that even tall people like myself don’t feel that  we’re becoming hunchbacked, and the feet also twist up and down for easy adjustments if the floor isn’t level. It has an extra bar to hold the batting, a table on the back to hold paper pantographs and is fully metal and very sturdy. The bars have a slot in them that runs the length of the metal, and you attach your leaders by pushing a plastic tube in the slot with the fabric to hold it in place. It works pretty great, but will slide back and forth, so I find I have to check if it’s centered very frequently when I load it or while I’m quilting. I suppose I could tape the ends or something, but I’m not ready to ugly it up yet… It’s still shiny and new, lol!

The other part that came with the first shipment was the carriage. It comes with a standard carriage so that you can use your home sewing machine on the frame and you don’t have to purchase a longarm machine. It will hold up to an 18 inch machine, and I can use it with my Brother PQ1500S if I were so inclined. It has four wheels that run incredibly smoothly on the track…. Like Buttah 🙂   The only issue that I would notice if I used my home machine is quilting space. My Brother has a 9 inch harp space (the space from the needle to the machine) and by the time you got a quilt loaded and rolled on the bar, you probably would only have 4-6 inches in which to quilt before you had to advance the frame. Not the end of the world and definitely faster than quilting on your domestic machine alone, but still annoying.

About 1 week later, the machine arrived. It was white and pretty and oh so big! If you’ve never been next to a longarm machine, let me tell you how intimidating they are… You kind of feel like it could easily take you DOWN  a peg or two! Also, they are heavy. I’m sure she weighs at least 40 pounds and you can definitely feel it as you move it around. The machine comes with the U-shaped handles that you have attach yourself as well as the rear handlebars, the cover to the belts, the thread holder and the stitch regulator. I’m told all that went just fine, but I was at work and missed out on this part. One of the early problems came with attaching the machine to the carriage. The holes on the carriage were too small for the machine, so my husband had to take it to his shop and grind out the holes about 1/2 inch each to make them fit. Also, the screws for the stitch regulator were too short so my husband went and got longer screws and extra nylon nuts because they didn’t send enough. Another thing to watch out for is the instructions. I am the type of person who likes step by step instructions, and you definitely don’t get that here. The booklet they send you is obviously meant for more than one type of machine and is very generalized. The pictures don’t match what the controls actually look like, so if you are trying to figure out how to use your stitch regulator, it refers to it as Lizzie stitch, and the control calls it Auto…. confusing stuff if you’ve never touched a longarm in your life. Anyway, after a few you-tube videos, I was ready to go!

After I got the machine loaded with some practice fabric, off I went. OH MY GOSH longarm quilting is HELLA FUN. I’m cruising along, having a grand old time and then……. the machine stutters and starts making long stitches. Sometimes it doesn’t raise the needle like it should, or put it down when at rest- it’ll stop halfway. The motor starts to race and stitch tiny stitches even though the regulator is set for 5 stitches per inch.  The machine beeps at me and displays a “Motor Sensor Error” message on it’s control pad. I panic and yell for my husband, (who has been banished from the room because he wants to play too and all that comes out of my mouth is MINE!!! like a two year old, but I digress….) We rethread the machine check the oil, reload the bobbin, check that it’s all level and do everything we can think of. When I try again, sometimes it works perfectly for hours and then all of a sudden it stops, and sometimes it just won’t work at all. Finally, I call the company I purchased it from.

I live in Kentucky, and the store I purchased for is Sewing Machines Plus, which is based in California. This creates a time issue- they only have service technicians available from 1pm- 8pm my time (or something like that) and only on weekdays. And of course all this happens on a weekend, so….I wait. And I’m annoyed. And frustrated. After what seems like a million calls, (I’m sure it was only 4 or 5, but it seemed like a million) I finally got a service person. He gave me directions on how to use the control pad to diagnose it- nothing there. He told me to buy compressed air to clean off the sensor- no help.  We went through a dozen other things that he said should help, and guess what? The darn thing didn’t act up while I was on the phone. Not. One. Time. So I was told to call back if it keeps up and they’ll keep trying to help me fix it. Ugh. I know nothing is better, but as long as the machine acts like a lady, I’ll keep trying to quilt on her. She kept up her sporadic misbehaving, so after a few more calls that did not fix any of the issues, I decided to send her back to the company. However, my husband did not want them to send me the same machine as he was convinced there was something very wrong with her. In addition to the problems described above, she was also VERY loud, and when you used the manual hand crank, she made some creepy noises…. The company agreed to send a machine to me as soon as they got shipping notification on my machine to ensure I did not get the same one.

About a week later, the new one came. We got her all hooked up and she was sewing like a dream, she was so much quieter, and didn’t make that creepy noise when you manually moved the needle… until today. The machine started doing THE EXACT SAME THING! As I was trying to figure out what was going on, I had my husband come up and look too. My husband stood in front of the window and moved the machine, and it behaved. When my husband moved from the window, the machine acted up. It turns out that the machine sensor can’t handle direct sunlight, since it’s directly in front of a window that is only occasionally open, It took me this long to figure it out! If I keep the blinds shut I have no problem, but if I open them the machine stops working while the sunlight hits the sensor.

So this long long post is meant as a Public Service Announcement: If you start having strange things happen on your Tin Lizzie knockoff machine, IT MAY BE ALLERGIC TO LIGHT! Such a strange thing to mess up the electronics, huh? I just wish the service technician had known it was possible because it would have saved me a lot of tears, time and heartache.

If you’ve made it this far into this loooonnnggg post,  you deserve a picture or three:

15900622285_2287a27543_n 16054670609_9894bda32e 15898583401_b3d5bc4ef0_n

Thanks for taking the time to read all this. Have a great day!


Necessary Clutch Wallet Addiction

Yes, I’ve been bitten by the wallet making bug! This awesome pattern is by Emmaline bags, and comes together amazingly well, considering my 3-D sewing skills are pretty limited.
I’ve made 7 so far and have orders for 4 more as of right now. They do take a ton of interfacing, but that’s why it feels so substantial and professional when it’s complete. I’ve been experimenting with exterior fabrics and even though it is still very nice with an exterior made from quilting cottons, home decor fabrics look so much more crisp!

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/2c3/68725430/files/2015/01/img_2915.jpge p







It’s been a while….

I have been busy, though you couldn’t tell from my activity here! I tend to get into creative phases where anything else is an interruption, and all I’ve wanted to do lately is sew, sew, sew! I have a few new projects in varying stages of completion to show for it, such as the Christmas Stockings I made from a Kate Spain Flurry scrap bag from Moda.

stockings1   IMG_2436

I had so much fun making these! They have the softest, silkiest cuffs on them, and each one is quilted differently on the front and the back. They are fully lined in white on white print fabric, and are nice and wide at the top so they are easy to stuff full of goodies! I have one more to do, but since I have listed them in my shop, I am waiting to quilt it up in case someone wants something special on it. I don’t have a good place to applique names on them, as I didn’t think about it until after they were complete. If they end up not selling, I will keep them for my family and get some 2 inch metal charms with everyone’s initials, and hang them from the side. That should look cute and let everyone keep them straight!

I had some small bits of leftovers of the scrap bag, and I couldn’t bear to throw them out, or just let them languish in my scrap buckets. Since the halloween pillow is retired for the year, I decided that a Christmas pillow was in order, so this sweet Owl was born:

IMG_2558   IMG_2556

Here he is hanging out on the couch. Isn’t he sweet? The back is quilted in swirls with a polar bear fabric from Hobby Lobby. I even put a zipper in this one, and it was so easy I’m not sure why i always avoid doing it. He was hand drawn by me with inspiration from a picture I saw on Pinterest.

While I was obsessed with making stockings, I made 6 more with muslin and flannel. Again, each one is quilted differently. All of the stockings are fully lined, and these have some room for applique names or initials on the flannel.

100_5067     other stockings

I also made a couple of baby blankets, one for a boy and one for a girl out of my Dena Designs London fat quarter bundle. This fabric is just adorable, and I love the sweet little blue birds on it! Wish I had more yardage of a few of the bird prints.

IMG_2498     IMG_2514

Both of these sweet quilts are in my shop, and are backed with soft, white Minky. So snuggly!

I did a few more things, but I’ll save them for another post. I think this one has enough pictures as it is!

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Holidays!


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Halloween Sewing!


I found this cute little kitty on Craftsy yesterday, and just couldn’t resist it! I had to run to the store for some green fabric because I didn’t have anywhere close to the right shade, but the rest is from my stash. My youngest son made the fabric choices for the jack o’lantern and the background and I think he did a great job!

Now I have to go back to the store and pick up an insert, because this is going to be a pillow when it’s complete. Man, I love Halloween!

Baby Quilt Ready To Go To A New Home….

…….Or is it? This quilt was made by me a few months ago with some sweet Denyse Schmidt fabrics and other aquas and greens from my stash. I have had it for sale in my etsy shop and though my quilts get a decent amount of views, no one has bought it. ( my etsy shop is a horrible , depressing failure, lol. I ought to just shut it down. I sell a decent amount of quilts but NONE through etsy). A friend of mine mentioned that she was interested in it so I quoted a price, we agreed, and it was done. I’m supposed to drop it off in the next few days.

Here’s a few pictures of it that were on my tablet:



There’s a problem, though. As I packaged it up, I started feeling so sad. My husband came into the room and asked “what are you doing with my quilt?” He made it pretty clear he didn’t want me to sell it. His exact words were “that one is a piece of you. It’ll be there when you’re gone, and your family will love it”. I made light of it, finished packing the quilt up, and got ready for bed.

But… He’s right. I love this little quilt. It is a shameless copy of one that Sew Kind Of Wonderful made but I don’t have her ruler and this was not an available pattern at the time, so  I did what I always do: get out some grid paper and brainstorm it. I was so proud when it finally clicked and came together! I had so much fun trying to figure out this pattern and picking out the fabrics, and I just don’t think I want to sell it.

Do any of you struggle when its time to sell your quilts? This is the first one I have had a hard time parting with.

We’ll have to see if this gets dropped off in the next few days, or if it goes right back on the quilt ladder for me to admire. Even I don’t know!

I need to get to bed. 5am comes way too early!

Christmas Quilt Almost Completed!

Santa says “Hi!”


In July of 2011 I moved to a small farm, began a new job with crazy graveyard hours, and started this adorable Christmas quilt.  Flash forward to 2014 and the only thing that stayed the same is this quilt! We have since moved back into the house my husband built for me (The farm was an experiment… I found out I don’t really love taking care of all that property! My 2.5 acres is the perfect size for my family), I now have a different, more awesome job (at the same hospital and on the same floor, but in the DAYTIME!!) as an Open Heart Recovery RN, but this quilt is still not done. While I was waiting for  background fabric to be delivered for this quilt (its been 13 DAYS, Fabric.com. Why does your service always make me regret ordering from you?????) I figured that I should try to work on it a bit. The pattern is from Nancy Halvorsen in her book Christmas Favorites. When I saw it, it was being offered as a BOM through a shop somewhere, but not available digitally. Since I couldn’t wait, I got out my freezer paper -all my appliqué is done by freezer paper- and started free hand drawing these cute Christmas characters. As a result, mine is not exactly like hers and I’m OK with that! I replaced some blocks that I didn’t love and added this sweet snowman!




I’ve been trying to find my inspiration photo on the web, but after three years it’s been kinda tough. I believe the original picture had a top hat. I still need to add his buttons and eyes, but I just love him to pieces. I FMQ’d his background with Leah Day’s Tangle of Lights, which was crazy easy to do. I love Leah Day! I also replaced the candy cane block. I definitely wanted one, but I just was not feeling the blocky one on the original quilt.


candy cane

I still have a 3-D holly leaf to add, and some button berries. The “Believe” Block turned out well, except I cut the point off of my Christmas tree :(. I’m going to put a button star on the top, and no one will even notice in the grand scheme of things…. my family is really not that critical, thank goodness! I still have some quilting to do here, and need to add cute buttons to decorate the tree.





I made the poinsettia block with 3D leaves and a yo-yo for the center. Santa has a 3D mustache that I need to tack down, and will have a cute pink puffy nose when I’m done. I changed the writing on Nancy’s pattern from “ho ho ho is spoken here” to what you see below.  I still have some detail FMQ to do with this one as well


. this one three


I cut the snowflakes out of coffee filters, then traced them onto fusible webbing. They are raw edge appliquéd to the quilt. Comet is still waiting for a nose and eyes, and his head needs some quilting.


snow: candy


These little cardinals need some eyes… I’m thinking some black seed beads. Anyone know where I can purchase just 2 seed beads, lol? I won’t need more than that, and I REALLY don’t need any more stuff in my sewing room!




I had a lot of fun free motion quilting each block a little differently, but then it just got a bit stressful because I couldn’t think of enough fillers I liked and/or could do. So we have some repeats! It’s not bothering me, though. I tried to keep the same designs decently separated .


this one 1


I got a little ahead of myself and have already bound this… but it’s ok! I have some free motion quilting to do, but not enough to distort the quilt. I still have to decide what to quilt in the side piano key borders, and  put on a hanging sleeve just in case that’s how I choose to display it this year. Thanks for stopping by to take a look! Lisa

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